Email Solution for Shopify

Want to use your own domain for email with Shopify? Want to be able to send and receive from @yourdomain? With Emailfy, you can.

Emailfy allows you to setup multiple email inboxes utilizing your domain. The best part is, we can set it up for you. No need to worry about confusing DNS changes, MX records, TTL and pointing to the correct IP, Emailfy has you covered.

Our inboxes use the latest in SPAM protection, allow for reliable sendability and deliverability, come with ample storage space and are accessible from any device.

You can setup Emailfy on your smartphone, use it with a popular email client like Outlook or Mail for MacOS and even access through a browser when you don’t have access to your devices.

You can have as many email inboxes as you want on your Emailfy account and we can offer reduced custom pricing for larger accounts.

If you need a reliable, done for you, email provider for your Shopify account, sign up to Emailfy today!

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